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This blog was originally set up to keep our family and friends informed of Cameron’s NYC experience.


It has evolved into a site chronicling the progress of her ongoing journey of acting and modeling…


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Alexandria Olivia





Phase 1 complete:  to meet with prospective agents in NYC during spring break in April (2011).

Phase 2 is also complete…to spend summers in NYC, working AND playing.  😉Tadpole & Lily5 100111

Phase 3…who knows where this journey will take us, but we are prepared for it!   So……stay tuned!!

We are so happy to share this journey with family and friends; come along for the ride!

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 Love ya! Mean it!   😀




Genetipetz commercial

Genetipetz commercial



Photo credit: Artavious Samuel, Crystal clear Video & Photography

Photo credit: Artavious Samuel, Crystal clear Video & Photography

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15 thoughts on “About

  1. We are so proud of Cameron’s accomplishments and kudos to Mom and Dad for your many sacrifices to make it happen.

  2. I had the privilege of meeting Cameron and her mom at a workshop with the Atlanta casting director for Tyler Perry Studios. This extremely talented little lady is going places. It is only a matter of time before we see her name up in lights. Wishing her the best in all she does. Adrianna and I are rooting for you Cameron !!!!!!

  3. I am very proud of your family and you, starting at a young age being successful is great, wishing you the best on your success and praying that you continue to be blessed you are a great romodel for other little girls you are talented, gifted and a beautiful little girl, God bless you!!!

  4. Cameron,
    I enjoyed every bit of your blog! You are doing such a great job! You are a triple threat ..dancer, singer, actress, etc!!! Your hometown is rooting for you!
    P.S. ~How do you remember those lines so well??? 🙂 I’m looking forward to more of THA REC CENTER. What does Sydney have up her sleeves for Ariel? 😉

    See ya soon,

    Karen ( w/ son, Christian)

  5. Cameron you are awesome, I can’t wait to see you on tv and magazines! May God bless you even more on this journey!

    Your big bro,
    Jeffrey Turner

  6. This is so exciting for the both of you!!! You are an awesome Mom, Louie, to give Cameron this opportunity! She is a natural. Good luck to her with her ongoing career!! She is beautiful!!


  7. How exciting!!! From everyone here at Thomas After School, we wish nothing but the best for Cameron with this upcoming adventure. We will miss her glowing smile and attractive personality throughout Thomas this summer. Keep us updated and good luck with all future endeavors!

    Thomas Gymnastics After School Staff

  8. We are SO EXCITED for this opportunity for Cameron!! Thank you for including us in this journey. We wish her ALL the best and much success!
    Melina’s going to miss her best friend this summer. I told Joseph that I’m willing to send Melina up for a week or [month – haha] to visit anytime.

  9. We are very proud of Cameron!! We are all excited about going to New York in April! We wish you the very best Cameron in your modeling and acting!!

    Auntie and Martin

  10. Hi Louie. We are happy for your whole family. Very proud of Cameron. Let us know when you will be in New York. Justin always wanted to go there. Now we have a reason too. Take care. And thank you for including us in this wonderful opportunity for your daughter.
    Marc Sr.

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